Bens Beans Coffee Van


WHAT is Ben's Beans?


What is       Ben's Beans?


Ben's Beans is a small collective of coffee lovers- led by young entrepreneur Ben Hilton- serving home roasted coffee and specialty European based drinks out of a 1984 Volkswagen Vanagon endearingly named, "the Bean."

It all started in early 2014 when I began to explore the possibilities of coffee brewing using my newly gifted Aeropress. Through passionate research, I quickly discovered that there was a much larger art to coffee  than I had ever known; and it all traced back to how to how the coffee was roasted. In an effort to explore this newly discovered world I began to explore coffee roasting using handfuls of green coffee and a popcorn popper. One day, I looked out at my almost complete VW van, wondering if I could somehow pair it with my coffee in order to take my passion to the road....

And at that moment, Bens Beans was born.


Want to book the coffee van for your next event?


Go to the main menu and click on the link entitled  "Book the Bean"! From there, you can fill out a short registration form and let us know what kind of event you've got brewing up!  

 Feel free to send us questions/comments/concerns at

 You can best track the Bean's whereabouts and view our upcoming schedule by going to one of our social media pages: