Bens Beans Coffee Van


Cafe BonBon


         Inspired by the beverage served in European cafe's, our Cafe Bon Bon is one part condensed milk to five parts coffee, served in a small transparent glass to accentuate the aesthetic look of each layer. The drink is then stirred immediately before consumption.


         Always brewed to order using a Kalita Wave pour over device, our coffee is hand selected every month and rotates on an ever-varied basis. Every new batch is roasted specifically to accent the tasting notes of the particular bean. We always carry 2 different choices of coffee at a time, both for brewing drinks and selling individual bags. You can purchase a bag of Ben's Beans on location at each of our events.        

Iced Coffee / Specialty Iced

         Like our coffee selection, each iced coffee is brewed fresh to order- directly over ice. The subtle nuances of the coffee stay clear and crisp without the risk of over-extraction, or a watered-down drink.   - -- The Specialty Iced is another name for the classic coffee drink Vietnamese Iced Coffee; this is an iced coffee brewed over the perfect amount of condensed milk. It is refreshingly smooth and sweet, and an absolute crowd favorite.